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Baby Steps

October 27, 2005

What is this blog? It is a place for me to verbalize or conceptualize my investigations into what it is to BE. Just BE – and what kind of actions, thoughts and speech flow from such an enquiry. To participate is not so easy. Even now the skeptical and hardened blogger is perhaps saying – ‘what the f..k to we need this for?’ That’s the beauty and the bane of the blog I guess. Whatever. As I was saying, to investigate what it is to BE requires the ultimate sacrifice – the putting aside, if only temporarily (5 minutes?) our preconceived notions, cherished beliefs, indentifications and ideologies. We need to clear the table emphatically! When Jesus wanted to make his point with the money changers he (supposedly) upended their tables, the same way one clears a table when you want to throw your lover down for that quick or long impromptu romp/screw (please notice that I used Jesus and screw in the same sentence – I have no religious affiliation).

So, I will begin by asking the reader to perform an experiment. It is a very simple exercise and there is only one requirement: you need to clear your monkey mind table! Here it goes (this is taken from an experiment devised by Douglas Harding – please see 1. When you point anywhere in the world you point at appearances. You are distant from what you are looking at, and you see something. Try this. 2. Now point your finger at where others see your face. What do you see? You have turned your attention round and are looking at yourself at zero distance. Do you see an appearance? 3. When you point at yourself, at the place where others see your face, don’t you point at No-thing? No eyes here, no mouth, no cheeks, no face, no head! This is deceptively simple exercise and it blew me away when I first encountered it.

All of my discussions will flow from the results of these types of experiments. Let me know what you find. I will even provide pictures (if I can figure out how to get them viewed):